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 ✔Always the hottest partner work and shines

You will learn moves that inspire your dance experience. Each one is carefully crafted inside our training facility week after week, so you can rest assured that you are learning partner work that is unique.

✔ Tips and Nuggets that matter

 Learn the little things that make the big difference in each individual move, we break everything down and give distinctions that truly impact your dance.

✔ From 2 left feet to Super Salsero!

We have enough material to quench any appetite with over 400 videos to train from in our members area, and specialty courses to dig deeper into the dance

✔ Practical lead and follow technique

We teach real world technique that applies to real social dancing. We cut through the smoke and teach what really matters to get you on the dance floor in record time!

✔ Timing

Learn real timing from real musicians, and tie it into the dance with our groundbreaking Universal Salsa Method. This isn’t your average timing school, we created the only syllabus that can teach you ALL styles of salsa in 1 swing.

✔ Body coordination and styling

Styling and dance swag is cultivated from understanding where movement comes from and finding comfort in a well coordinated body, and we give you all the tools to get your swag in line

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Salsa Dance Testimonial w/ Nathalie Zarate

Nathalie Zarate
“The way the people teach here is just so amazing”

Salsa Dance Testimonial w/ April R

April R.
"I can't believe i didn't get here sooner"

Salsa Dance Testimonial w/ Erika B

Erika B.
"They are more than just the instructors, they want to be there for you"

Salsa Dance Testimonial w/ Gidget

"It's Passion, It's Fun, It's Dynamic"

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Meet Some of our certified instructors

Christian Espinola Salsa Teacher

Christian Espinola

Founder / Master Latin Dance Instructor

Scott MacDonald Certified Instructor

Scott MacDonald

Level 2 Latin Dance Instructor

Angie Zumaran Certified Instructor

Angie Zumaran

Level 2 Latin Dance Instructor

Andres Ramirez Certified Instructor

Andres Ramirez

Level 1 Latin Dance Instructor

Yadira Navarro Certified Instructor

yadira navarro 


Alex Bezianis Certified Instructor

Alex Bezianis



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Casa Salsa Training Center Davie

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13614 West State Road 84,
Davie, FL 33325


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